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“Digital disruption is happening faster than ever before. ioTium is driving innovation with its easily deployable technology for industrial markets where reliability and security are mission-critical.”

“ioTium gives us the ability to securely manage a growing global installed base of networked devices while ensuring our customers’ information security in a constantly changing environment. Ultimately, ioTium is an important piece of our expanding connected-product offering and allows us to focus on delivering best-in-class, integrated solutions to our customers.”

“We were seeking to drive secure connectivity to access remote systems at our customer’s sites without interfering with operations. ioTium clearly understood and fulfilled our needs.”

“As our portfolio has grown, so has our need for a reference architecture that enables a unified look at activities across our buildings. This streamlines day-to-day tasks for our engineering team while providing us with a dashboard of activities across properties. Ultimately, our relationship is built on the fact that ioTium operates at the speed of our innovation, future proofing our investment.

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Rexnord Selects ioTium to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation Journey

Secure Connectivity Brings Onsite Insights to Offsite Services

Improve Tenants Satisfaction and Minimize 3rd Party Vendor Access Risks Across Portfolio

“Our vision for software-defined converged infrastructure solutions for IIoT is based on the learning that both flexibility and simplicity are equally important in approaching Industry 4.0. Organizations must combine elements of security, network, and edge computing in a multi-tenanted, scalable and open way to realize their deployment.”

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Why ioTium?

Digitize Legacy Systems

To drive digital transformation, Industrial Enterprises must adopt new technologies enabling them to work with legacy applications. Our approach to connectivity allows IT/OT teams to rapidly modernize their legacy systems, transport data to any clouds for better insights and greater control.

Reduce Third-Party Access Risks

3rd-party vendors have been identified as the source of many significant security breaches. Obtain a uniform methodology for Industrial Enterprises to manage and monitor which technicians from which vendors are accessing which subsystems and touching which applications across all your assets. 

Multi-Cloud Edge

To drive digital transformation, Industrial Enterprises must adopt new technologies and enable them to work with legacy applications and data sources. ioTium’s approach to connectivity allows IT/OT teams to rapidly modernize their legacy systems without interfering with IT Operations.


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