cohesionIB, a cloud-based intelligent building software platform has selected ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Together, the companies will leverage their shared expertise in building automation to bring greater intelligence to commercial real estate properties worldwide. ioTium and cohesionIB will showcase their joint work at this week’s Realcomm CIO Forum. The event, sponsored by ioTium, will be held at 151 North Franklin in Chicago – a much celebrated commercial real estate property developed by The John Buck Company.

During the event, cohesionIB and ioTium will showcase the benefits of 24/7 secure remote access and a mobile interface to interact with all of the amenities and features of the building. Both companies have a shared understanding of the fact that while there are many “smart” components to modern buildings, most do not fully embrace the promise of the IIoT. While systems have the ability to communicate, they are frequently siloed and unable to connect in a way that will allow each building to respond to or anticipate changes. The result is a mix of systems difficult for the small IT teams, common to commercial properties, to manage.

“cohesionIB makes buildings a better place to be. Whether you’re a tenant, the building operator, or the property owner, we’re creating better experiential and economic outcomes through our cloud-based application,” said Rick Szcodronski, CTO of cohesionIB. “We have partnered with ioTium to bring both speed and security to our building deployments. In a recent roll-out, ioTium’s Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure solutions for IIoT enabled us to add 8,000 users to three different systems in under 20 minutes – something that would have taken us weeks in the past. That speed has been a quantifiable benefit to us without having to sacrifice security. ioTium provides our products a secure path to scalability.”

Whether it’s designing a new building in a highly competitive commercial real estate market or updating a half-century old property for the needs of modern tenants, cohesionIB and ioTium offer a unique joint solution to commercial property owners and operators. System updates can be made within minutes and new access and permissions can be granted in seconds. A unified dashboard allows small IT teams to keep a close eye on each building – or a number of buildings from a distance.

“Our partnership with cohesionIB continues our leadership in IIoT solutions for the building automation market,” said Ron Victor, founder and CEO of ioTium. “ioTium understands the distinct IIoT needs of commercial real estate property owners better than anyone. Our unique Cloud-based Infrastructure solutions for IIoT are driving innovation with easily deployable technology for industrial markets where reliability and security are mission-critical.”

The CIO RealComm Forum will be held October 18, 2018 at 151 North Franklin in Chicago. The invitation-only Forum is open to CIOs and other senior IT professionals in the commercial real estate development and related service industries.

As an Inside Sales Representative, you are responsible for hunting companies to use ioTium. You will be responsible for prospecting new leads, sparking interest and booking demos with Account Executives, generating qualified opportunities, and help them to close deals.

The ideal candidate must have experience with sales prospecting and business development and has worked as an SDR. You need to be a self-starter and not be afraid to take initiatives. You have consistently met or exceeded quota.

Apply at:

Compensation is base salary plus commission. This is the fast track to the Account Executive role at ioTium! We’re looking for someone who has the drive to blast right through expectations.

Your role:

  • Prospect new leads and identify key decision makers
  • Develop and execute on cold calling and email campaign strategies to qualify potential customers
  • Qualify outbound opportunities and develop a strong first meetings pipeline for Account Executives
  • Maintain an organized pipeline and activity record through using Salesforce, Sand other automation platforms
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of our product and processes
  • Work cross-functionally with Account Executives and Operations, etc.

What we’re looking for:

  • A top performer with 1 year of proven success as an SDR
  • Self-starter with a proven track record of exceptional performance
  • Comfortability with mid-high volume cold calling
  • Experience in a transactional sales role is a plus
  • Proficiency with Salesforce or another CRM
  • A team-player attitude with a strong desire to help improve internal processes beyond day-to-day tasks
  • Excellent time management, analytical, and organizational skills
  • BA/BS or equivalent

Job Type: Full-time


  • sales: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)

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The J. J. Pickle Research Campus is a collaboration between the University of Texas (UT) and industry, including Emerson Automation Solutions. The pilot plant was the first location to implement Emerson wireless, and its current focus is separations research, including the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from stack gas. The plant also uses Plantweb Optics to monitor plant controls on distillation, CO2 adsorption/stripping, liquid-liquid extraction, oil extraction from algae, and verification of separation.


The facility is also used for process scale-up and troubleshooting, and as a beta site for much of Emerson’s new technology. It has been running DeltaV distributed control system for 18 years, with 600 DSTs running several units, an M-series controller and I/O, S-series controllers and I/O, Electronic Marshalling, AMS Device Manager and machinery health monitoring, and more than 60 wireless HART devices, plus wired HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices, monitored by AMS Device View.

The plant runs with two electricians, one mechanic and a chemist. “Before Plantweb Optics, we’d come in, drink a lot of coffee and open up AMS Alert Monitor, DeltaV Explorer, Wireless Gateway Web Interface, Control Studio and DeltaV Operate to determine the health of the plant,” said Juan-Ramon Campos, instrument technician, electrician and operator. “If abnormal conditions existed, we’d use AMS, Valve Link, Insight, Control Studio and Process History to troubleshoot and determine the next course of action. After determining the problem, we’d head to field with a 475 [field communicator], multimeter, service manual and tools, and after correcting the problem, we’d return to the control room and use above mentioned programs to verify performance.”

Campos and co-presenters Tinh Phan, digital transformation solution architect, Emerson Automation Solutions, and Dhawal Tyagi, chief product officer, ioTium, spoke at the Emerson Global Users Exchange this week in San Antonio.

Remote support couldn’t stay away

“I was having to drive to J.J. Pickle for asset management, which was involving too many long days on the road,” said Phan. Emerson also needed to secure remote access into J.J. Pickle for diagnostics of DeltaV systems and wireless systems.

“We also wanted to do it for implementing new Emerson technologies. I couldn’t see remotely how the instruments were working and how information was being passed down,” Phan said. The project goals became:

  • Get real-time remote access for a view of plant reliability and operational performance.
  • Integrate multiple technologies for a holistic view of asset health and to support recommendations.
  • Have a secure, yet flexible architecture to interface and integrate with other platforms.

Security at the edge

“People need data for analysis from a lot of different pieces of equipment with different protocols,” said Tyagi. On cybersecurity, “The hackers are always two steps ahead, and nobody has a perfect system. You need layers like you have at home—a lock on the door and the valuables in a safe.”

Tyagi described two ways to deploy edge applications—on a cloud, or in the factory. “If you do it in the factory, you still have to get the data to the applications, so how do you connect it to the cloud? And if you try to keep it at the edge—in the factory—you need a Linux or Windows machine, you have to install it and maintain it, and you may need hundreds of them for different locations.”

Instead, to add a monitoring or control application, ioTium installs “iNodes” at the plant, and an “orchestrator” that can access the nodes. Nodes can be connected to private clouds at the company, third-party analytics, instrument vendor remote facilities, etc.

“The resulting private network is not part of the internet,” Tyagi said. “Each iNode is in isolation—any hack can only access one node, one network. You can minimize risk because you know the boundary of the attack.”

End run around IT

Emerson performed a proof of concept using iNodes in iOps, and tested it in Austin before deploying it at JJ Pickle. “We used Azure, ran an executable on AMS Device View, and immediately had a view,” Phan said. “We used a virtual iNode at J.J. Pickle and a hardware node at Emerson. We were able to avoid opening too many ports at J.J. Pickle, which UT IT would not have wanted.”

By securely connecting remotely to the control systems, Emerson is able to monitor all the smart instrumentation. “Before, they were fighting fires every day at the plant,” Phan said. They could commission many devices on a remote monitor and drill down through AMS Device View to see problems and calibration status. “But they still could not do everything on premises, and there was too much to do.

“Plantweb Optics showed a humungous amount of compromised devices that they can now fix—many low batteries, devices not running, etc. that they can repair or disable.”

From JJ Pickle’s point of view, “Installation went seamlessly,” Campos said. “Now we have a real-time capture of data without disrupting critical assets. I can access it from my house, see status, make a plan, and get a faster resolution of device problems from Emerson.”

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ioTium Chief Product Officer Dhawal Tyagi and Emerson Senior Reliability Consultant Solution Architect Tinh Phan to Speak on IIoT Connectivity and Reliability

SANTA CLARA, Calif.Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), will be at Emerson Exchange Americas in San Antonio October 1-5, 2018Dhawal Tyagi, ioTium co-founder and chief product officer (CPO), will co-lead a workshop on “The Definitive Guide to Networking Security for IIoT for Plantweb Optics and AMS Device View” alongside Emerson senior reliability consultant solution architect Tinh Phan. In the session, Tyagi and Phan will cover how industrial organizations can securely connect the legacy brown-field world with the new cloud-enabled world, for preventative maintenance.

The invitation-only Emerson Exchange conference was developed to provide end users with a valuable exchange of information among process manufacturers, end-users and Emerson experts. All participants are nominated and carefully vetted by Emerson. The event features workshops and short courses, product roadmap presentations, technology roundtables, meet the expert sessions and technology exhibits. In addition, the program will include keynote speakers from Emerson.

WHO: ioTium’s Co-founder and CPO, Dhawal Tyagi, will be attending the event and co-leading the workshop alongside Emerson’s Tinh Phan and Juan Campos-Ramos, technical assistant IV at the University of Texas JJ Pickle Separation Facility. Tyagi will also be available at the ioTium booth in the Emerson Exchange Exhibit Hall.

WHAT: The joint ioTium and Emerson workshop, titled: “The Definitive Guide to Networking Security for IIoT for Plantweb Optics and AMS Device View,” will cover the use case of creating a data portal by transporting data from the industrial plant floor to business layer or into the Azure or Amazon Web Services Cloud. This workshop will address the security issues within the IoT network and allow participants to obtain a methodology that solves legacy, security and ease-of-deployment issues at their facilities.


  • Emerson Exchange will take place from Monday, October 1 to Friday, October 5, 2018.
  • The workshop will be held on Tuesday, October 2 from 9:00-9:45 a.m. CT and Wednesday, October 3from 1:30-2:15 p.m. CT.

WHERE: Emerson Exchange Americas 2018 is taking place at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, located at 900 E. Market St, San Antonio, TX 78205.