Avid Solutions & ioTium, Accelerating Digital Transformation At Scale

ioTium, a commercially deployed software infrastructure company to industrialize the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a working relationship with Avid Solutions.

Avid Solutions has built automation and process optimization solutions across multiple industries using many tools and platforms. Backed by more than 30 years of success, Avid Solutions provides best-in-class automation and process control design, implementation and management of complex systems. Avid works with companies across the U.S. and globally, in a wide variety of industries including chemical, food & beverage, life sciences, power generation and pulp & paper.

The combination of ioTium’s remotely deployed, plug and play, secure IIoT managed services solutions and Avid’s industrial and automation platform domain expertise provide customers the ability to accelerate their digital transformation journey at scale.  ioTium’s solution requires no APN/VPN, and no changes to a customer’s firewall, proxy, or port settings.  Secure access for remote support, troubleshooting, and advanced applications at the edge is just one click away.

To learn more about how Avid integrates ioTium’s technology into a comprehensive, IIoT-enabled digital platform, contact us at info@iotium.io.

About Avid Solutions, Inc.

A fast-growing system integrator specializing in industrial automation and information solutions, Avid Solutions collaborates with clients to identify and select best-in-class control system automation platforms, design and implement systems, and provide verification and validation documentation and services. Turnkey capabilities include UL panel fabrication and installation and system commissioning. The company has developed exceptional depth in the following process industries: chemical, food & beverage, life sciences, power generation and pulp & paper. Avid Solutions maintains long-standing customer relationships that are built on technical acumen, two-way communication, and mutual trust. Avid Solutions has provided industrial automation and information solutions across the U.S. and globally for 30 years. The combination of domain expertise and the adoption of new innovative technologies help make Avid a top leader in the market. Find out more at www.avid.run.

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