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Enhance Occupancy Experience, Maximize Operations Efficiency, and Reduce Risk From 3rd-Party Vendor Access Across Your Portfolio 

As the provider of secure, scalable, easy-to-deploy converged infrastructure for building automation systems, ioTium’s impact is clear. With its Converged Infrastructure As-a-Service offering, ioTium enables the commercial, corporate, government, institutional real estate industries and many others to securely connect onsite building automation systems to cloud-based applications; so as to realize the promise of smart buildings.

ioTium’s building operations private cloud offerings provide a centralized single pane of glass to provision, authenticate, manage, and audit secure third-party remote access into the building network. The same private cloud hosts applications that typically have resided on technicians laptops, thus centralizing all management and maintenance while significantly reducing malware-induced risks. Lastly, legacy on-prem systems can now be migrated to each customer’s private cloud for centralized management and maintenance.

Featured Customers

“Our 14 million square feet of Class A commercial real estate – distributed over 100 buildings and served by 100s of vendors – are more unified than ever, and our building perimeters are secure. Now our vendors can log into one system that covers all our assets. Most importantly, we’ve improved tenant satisfaction.”

“ioTium brings both speed & security to our building deployments. In a recent roll-out, ioTium’s solutions enabled us to add 8,000 users to three different systems in under 20 minutes – something that would have taken us weeks in the past. That speed has been a quantifiable benefit to us without having to sacrifice security. ioTium provides our products a secure path to scalability.”

Kilroy Realty Chooses ioTium to Improve Tenants Satisfaction, Minimize 3rd Party Vendor Access Risks, and Secure Building Perimeters Across Portfolio

Spire Realty Chooses IoTium to Gain Stronger Security and Improve Operational Performance Across Building Portfolio

cohesionIB Chooses ioTium for Greater Intelligence and Enhanced Occupancy Experience for Commercial Real Estate Worldwide

Why ioTium?

Plug & Play Solution

Connecting the physical and digital worlds was never easier. ioTium’s OT-Net provides seamless plug and play, scalable network infrastructure-as-a-service to enable secure connectivity to all machines.

Strengthen Security

ioTium’s containerized architecture isolates each data stream, limiting the impact of a compromise within any sub-system from affecting another, while also protecting IT network from security vulnerabilities.

Manage 3rd-Party Remote Access

Provision, authenticate, manage, & audit secure 3rd-party remote access for multiple technicians from multiple vendors to respective control systems across building portfolio from a single pane of glass.

Run Analytics At The Edge

ioTium’s virtualized edge platform allows facility managers to deploy building analytics apps (Tridium Niagara, Skyspark, etc) at scale.

Improve System Efficiencies 

Connect disparate building automation systems and collate usage information into an analytics application for better insight into inefficiencies and issues, so as to achieve peak optimization.

Bridging IT/OT

 Provide IT governance while enabling the OT department to deploy at scale with no changes to existing Enterprise IT firewall and proxy policies.

Edge Partners

Jason Cooper, IoTium; Nicholas Lawrence, COHESION; Jason O’Neill, ThoughtWire | The Edge Ecosystem


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