Deloitte and ioTium Announce Working Relationship to Deliver End-to-End Solutions for Secure Industrial IoTs 

By combining cloud-managed infrastructure, implementation and managed services they will enable data integrity, scalability, cyber protection and connectivity for industrial enterprises

AUSTRALIA and SANTA CLARA, Calif. — November 13, 2019ioTium, a commercially deployed software infrastructure company to industrialize the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a strategic working relationship with Deloitte Australia. ioTium and Deloitte will jointly deliver the foundational infrastructure to support technology implementation and services that enable end-to-end secure digitization of industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms for Australian organizations in healthcare, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, and commercial smart buildings and cities.

As enterprises in all segments focus on digital transformation, they seek to take advantage of the business value derived from sophisticated analytics, remote access, cloud applications and more. By gathering real-time data to gain greater insights into their devices and business operations, coupled with ioTium’s secure, cloud-managed and software-defined infrastructure, these organizations have the foundation to securely digitize their industrial assets. In this way, they can take advantage of the data, scalability, cyber protection and connectivity benefits of digitization.

Deloitte will add its business acumen, expertise and breadth of services to ioTium’s infrastructure in its target markets.

Lani Refiti, Cyber Risk Advisory Partner and Smart Cities Leader, Deloitte Australia, said, “By working with IoTium, we will be able to bring tangible outcomes to assist the organisations we are working within the region ramp to up their digitisation processes in a secure, scalable and effective operational technology environment. It will assist them to make digital transformation real.”

“By working with Deloitte Australia, we will be able to integrate both our companies’ strengths to deliver a secure and complete solution for industrial IoT,” said Ron Victor, CEO, ioTium. “From strategic design to technology implementation to providing end-to-end service, our collaboration leverages the best from both parties to help industrial enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals.”

For more information about ioTium’s software-defined converged infrastructure, please visit

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My Journey as a Marketing Intern

Riddhi Khincha

           For the last two months, I have been working as a marketing intern for a startup company, ioTium. As an Economics major in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno, I wanted to gain knowledge of the fields that I could potentially pursue a career in. In all honesty, I did not know much about the company, other than it dealt with industrial ioT and security, which at the time, I had never been taught about. Also, being a college student, I did not have any prior experience in working in a traditional office, so my goal was to learn as much as possible.

I initially thought that working an internship would just be meeting endless deadlines, making my work very stressful. However, the second I stepped foot in the office, I was surprised to be warmly welcomed. The company atmosphere made me feel comfortable, soothing my initial nerves of being a “newbie.” Everyone greeted me with a smile on their face and were constantly friendly, especially when I needed people to sit with at lunch; coworkers also let me come to them for advice and ask questions and they took time out of their busy schedule to teach me. It did not take me long to get used to the friendly, social culture of the company.

As a marketing intern, I was able to develop tools and transferable skills essential for working in a future workplace. My primary responsibilities involved improving their website and handling their LinkedIn page to boost content views. I was able to gain more insight into how people use the website as a tool for learning and could potentially become a client or an investor for the company. Because of this, I understood how to make the website more aesthetic and informative to gain viewers.

It was interesting to gain experience with a company in the technology industry with established professionals. I received a firsthand view of how a professional establishment works. Learning about all types of fields and not only those relating to business, I was able to understand all the different work branches that help ioTium run. And because the company is a startup, I was also able to have responsibilities working with heads of departments, something I could not have done in a larger company.

Working for ioTium was one of the best internship experiences that I could have had. Never before have I met a group of coworkers who cared so deeply, wanting me to succeed and grow as a student and as a professional. Looking back, I will miss the chance to contribute to a company revolutionizing the way in the industry, the supportive atmosphere, and the friends I have made along the way. I am very happy with the amount that I have learned and experienced in the nine weeks of working at the company. Being a Marketing Intern at ioTium was truly the best way I could have spent my summer.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced an alliance with Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT). With the availability of the Telit deviceWISE gateway technology on the ioTium Edge App Store for single-click deployment, the innovative leaders jointly solve IIoT deployment complexities and management challenges faced by industrial enterprises operating in Industry 4.0.

With an eye cast toward digital transformation, industrial enterprises are making an effort to streamline processes and gain greater insight into their devices — controllers, PLCs, drives, process control networks and so on. However, connecting these distributed assets to more modern applications is expensive and complex, as there exists no real standard or secure means to drive it.

The tighter integration and partnership between ioTium and Telit solve this challenge. Telit offers a comprehensive portfolio of IoT and mobile broadband modules, device connectivity plugins and industrial IoT edge software. Combined with ioTium’s cloud-managed and software-defined converged infrastructure, industrial enterprises can securely connect industrial assets to any cloud, application or IoT platform in minutes. Enabling enterprises insight with real-time data, reduced deployment and runtime management complexity, ultimately driving digital transformation.

Telit and ioTium Demo

“With the cooperation of Telit, customers can now rapidly connect different communications protocols like BACnet, OPC, Modbus or even proprietary custom protocols to various IoT cloud offerings such as Azure IoT, Siemens MindSphere or private cloud end points,” said Sri Rajagopal, CTO, ioTium. “All commissioning, data mapping and contextualization can now be done remotely, dramatically reducing the time and cost of flying technicians and data scientists to the site to remediate in person.”

“Our alliance with ioTium establishes a best-in-class approach for digital connectivity in the industrial world,” said Fred Yentz, president Strategic Partnerships, Telit. “Together, we are providing industrial enterprise customers a secure, plug-and-play way to connect any machine to cloud-based applications to capitalize on the benefits of Industry 4.0.”

“ioTium is committed to only working with world-class providers to solve the most pressing challenges faced by the industrial world,” said Ron Victor, founder and CEO, ioTium. “Our partnership with Telit yields a solution that brings digital transformation within reach for today’s industrial enterprises.”

Edge Applications Deployed on ioTium’s Secure, Cloud-Managed Edge Infrastructure Enable Intelligent, Connected Buildings That Deliver Convenience, Energy Efficiency,
Insights Into Building Performance and More

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — June 11, 2019 — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced a partner ecosystem to optimize the building occupancy experience. With edge applications from ThoughtWire, COHESION and SkyFoundry deployed on ioTium’s cloud-managed infrastructure, customers can easily control a range of comforts, conveniences and efficiencies in the built environment to drive a superior occupancy experience.

IoT and expectations for more personalized, intuitive building environments are giving rise to the “occupancy experience” — how we experience built environments. Increased insights into building performance, the development and offering of new services, better resource tracking and improved space management, a more proactive service model, and more efficient energy usage are all hallmarks of a superior occupancy experience.

With its secure cloud-managed infrastructure, ioTium emerges as the foundational element underpinning today’s occupancy experience. Edge applications from its partners — ThoughtWire, COHESION and SkyFoundry — deployed on the ioTium Edge Gateway gather building data from sensors and funnel it to the partners’ respective clouds, delivering insights into building operations and enabling control over HVAC, lighting, security, parking meters, conference room availability, chiller temperature and more.

“ioTium’s secure access gateway and wealth of expertise enables us to bring world-leading building and portfolio intelligence to the commercial real estate market,” said Thru Shivakumar, CEO, COHESION. “Through our partnership with ioTium, COHESION is the only platform that extracts information from every major data source in a building, connecting human interactions, systems and infrastructure to harness powerful insights for enhanced building experiences.”

“We’re excited to be part of ioTium’s partner ecosystem, which brings together the leading organizations in the industry,” said Mike Monteith, CEO, ThoughtWire. “Together, we are pushing past the boundaries of traditional building environments to collect data that will create secure, intuitive and intelligent spaces.”

“The explosion in IoT connected devices creates tremendous opportunities to generate value from the device data,” said John Petze, principal, SkyFoundry. “Secure communication is an essential element, and the ioTium solution provides customers with an entirely new approach to implement a secure communications infrastructure. We are excited to have SkySpark validated to run on the ioTium infrastructure.”

“ioTium is at the forefront of digital transformation in buildings, which enables an occupancy experience worthy of the 21st century,” said Ron Victor, founder and CEO, ioTium. “With our partner ecosystem, we help customers gather, analyze and act on data received, contributing to a world-class occupancy experience.”

ioTium will exhibit at the 2019 IBcon conference, held June 13-14 in Nashville in Booth No. 631. For more information on ioTium, please visit our site. 

About the ioTium Edge Partner Program

A cornerstone of ioTium strategy, the ioTium Edge Partner Program is a successful and vibrant partner ecosystem that enables rapid and secure deployment of partners’ edge applications to accelerate digital transformation. Join our ecosystem today, and get your edge application in the ioTium marketplace.

***This article was featured on oilman magazine ***

The following are some specific oil and gas use cases (upstream, midstream, downstream or in oil field services) that illustrate how oil and gas companies can deploy IIoT technology more quickly, securely, cost-effectively and with higher output.

Compressor Condition-Based Maintenance

The oil industry can improve availability and lower maintenance costs by moving from a reactionary maintenance program to a proactive program. Historically, each asset had to be visited in person to obtain maintenance information. In many cases, operators are only able to get to an asset once every six months. Not only is this expensive, but the live visits run the risk of missing critical conditions. Moving to a proactive maintenance program requires the ability to monitor in near real-time the condition of the compressors such that compressor experts can remotely analyze the data and make recommendations. This is true for anywhere compressors are used in the upstream, midstream and downstream areas.

Third-Party Access

Many times, the owner/operator would like to use a third-party monitoring service to help maintain their assets. However, granting the third party access to the data on each asset without compromising the security of the process network was very difficult if not impossible in the past. The industry required a pull and play solution that allows owners/ operators the ability to quickly and safely grant access to third parties without compromising existing infrastructure. Paramount to this is the ability to manage those connections remotely. You don’t want to have to be required to make costly and time-consuming visits to the field in order to implement or manage the connections.

Artificial Lift

Owners/operators wish to increase their production and their EUR by optimizing their artificial lift program (ESP, rod lift, gas lift, etc.). But real-time optimization has not historically been cost-effective in many situations due to expensive devices and even more real-time SCADA networks. By moving an artificial lift to IIoT where one can use commodity hardware and commercial networks, you can optimize artificial lift with a very cost-effective solution. Critical to this is the ability to run the optimization software locally—without the need to construct a very expensive real-time network. Also imperative to the solution is the ability to download a customized machine learning model for that particular well in order to maximize its unique and particular situation.

Improve Process Efficiency & Reduce Cost

IIoT networks enable assets (sources of data) to share information with decision applications (sinks of data). For example, a third-party operational consultant can securely access wellhead asset data across all sites so as to recommend structural changes to current operations. The same IoT infrastructure can also enable the operational teams to continuously monitor multiple elements and make tactical improvements. This enables data from multiple firewalled process controlled networks to be securely transmitted to third-party applications for analyses and syntheses.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — March 21, 2019 — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has been selected by SPIRE Realty Group, a Dallas-based commercial real estate services company, to enhance the company’s existing building operations by connecting systems and data to the cloud for real-time visibility into building performance and third-party access across their portfolio.

“I’m a one-man IT department, so with all the buildings in our portfolio to manage, maintain and secure — some a five-hour drive from my office — ioTium has enabled significant gains in efficiency and productivity, as well as peace of mind that vulnerabilities have been addressed,” said Jordan Crow, IT director, SPIRE. “Now, I can automatically connect to each building at any time and from the comfort of my own office. There is no other product available in commercial real estate that is as easy to use and secure as ioTium. It gets the job done.”

SPIRE’s vision for more secure, easily managed smart buildings — and a significant reduction in time on the road — was realized through ioTium, which enables 24/7 remote connectivity into SPIRE’s cloud-based building automation systems. Now, Crow logs in through a secure, remote-access portal for maintenance or updates as needed. In addition, ioTium provides Crow with a real-time, unified view of which vendor’s technicians are accessing what sub-systems in which buildings and touching what applications and when, all with a detailed audit trail. This audit trail provides reassurance to both Crow and the SPIRE executive team that SPIRE’s network is secure, while also freeing Crow to focus on business-critical projects that will directly affect SPIRE’s bottom line.

Now that ioTium is deployed and delivering immediate ROI in terms of security and connectivity advantages, Crow is thinking about how he can utilize ioTium in the future. “I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with all the building data we’re collecting through ioTium,” he said. “IIoT solutions are changing the game in building automation, and ioTium is driving that change. I’m excited to find out what else the solution has in store for us.”

“With its unique cloud-managed infrastructure, ioTium’s IIoT solution is at the epicenter of a tectonic shift in the building automation market,” said Ron Victor, founder and CEO, ioTium. “Like SPIRE, we’re leading efforts to drive change in the industry, and that starts with modernizing legacy infrastructures to keep pace with the demands of the 21st century. Our unique cloud-managed infrastructure solutions for IIoT ensure industrial market leaders like SPIRE can operate securely and efficiently at the back end to support their bottom line.”

For more information, download the SPIRE Realty case study, here:

Global Mobile Industry Selects ioTium as Growth Leader in the Internet of Things

SANTA CLARA, Calif.Feb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced that the GSMA has named ioTium to the GSMA 100, a global innovation discovery initiative designed to identify the world’s most promising growth-stage companies and advance the next generation of connectivity and digital services.

As the first commercially deployed software-defined converged infrastructure company for the Industrial IoT, ioTium is the company of choice for Fortune 500 organizations looking to enable secure, scalable IIoT deployment. The company’s managed services offerings ensure that any machine, using any protocol, can be instantly, seamlessly and securely connected to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator, while eliminating deployment complexity issues and minimizing network security risks.

“This well-deserved recognition underscores ioTium’s position as a definitive standout driving innovation for global mobile operators,” said Ron Victor, CEO, ioTium. “ioTium’s north star has always been to meet the evolving needs of our customers as they work toward digital transformation, and our industry-leading software-defined converged infrastructure for IIoT is the foundation required for that transformation.”

“We welcome ioTium to the GSMA 100. The GSMA 100 companies are leaders in categories that are poised to drive digital transformation and industry growth,” said Laxmi Akkaraju, chief strategy officer, GSMA. “We look forward to working with ioTium to unlock business development and investment opportunities and champion innovation in our industry.”

ioTium joins the second cohort of the GSMA 100, which includes AppOnBoard, Cinarra, Cloudify, CUJOAI, DefinedCrowd, Genus AI, Invisible Systems, Jiminy, KaiOS, Limitless, Litmus Automation, Lumina Networks, Messagenius, SecureHome, UserTribe, Vilynx and Zeotap.

The GSMA 100 represents the innovation priorities of mobile operators around the world. Companies are referred into the program through investment and key partners. Contributors to the GSMA 100 to date include América Móvil, Blumberg Capital, British Telecom, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, EIT Digital, Etisalat, Telecom Italia, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, KPN Ventures, MegaFon, MTN Group, Orange, Rogers Communications, Sony Innovation Fund, Telefónica, Telenor Group, Telstra Ventures, US Cellular and Vodafone, among others.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced that the Company has joined Siemens’ MindSphere Partner Program as a Gold Partner. The MindSphere Partner Program is Siemens’ partner program for Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solution and technology providers. As a Gold Partner, ioTium can work to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 in industrial enterprises leveraging MindSphere.

ioTium’s vision for Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure solutions for IIoT is based on the learning that both flexibility and simplicity are equally important in approaching Industry 4.0. Organizations must combine elements of security, network, and edge computing in a multi-tenanted, scalable and open way to realize their deployment.

“ioTium is capable of delivering tremendous value to industrial enterprises through its Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure solutions for IIoT along with rapid, scalable deployment of MindSphere,” said Paul Kaeley, senior vice president, global partner ecosystem at Siemens PLM Software. “Together we can help joint customers rapidly realize the benefits of Industrial IoT with MindSphere, and create a completely closed loop decision environment for continuous optimization and improvement.”

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects products, plants, systems and machines, enabling businesses to harness the wealth of data generated by the IoT with advanced analytics. The ioTium Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure solution for IIoT is the fabric that connects legacy brownfield industrial assets to MindSphere. ioTium solutions are designed to enable industrial enterprises to rapidly and reliably move data from brownfield industrial assets to the cloud without the need for costly additional IT staff. Joint ioTium and MindSphere customers may also gain rapid return on investment from predictive analytics, preventative maintenance and machine learning.

“We have built our business on a unique understanding of the security, scalability and reliability needs of mission-critical industrial organizations embracing Industry 4.0,” said Ron Victor, Founder and CEO of ioTium. “Siemens has an extraordinary vision for the future of Industrial IoT, and ioTium is pleased to partner with them to help make their vision a reality for our joint customers.”

As a MindSphere Gold Partner, ioTium has technical staff trained by Siemens through the MindSphere technical curriculum, multiple MindSphere applications under development and a joint go-to-market agreement to assist customers in achieving substantial business value through IoT and MindSphere.

cohesionIB, a cloud-based intelligent building software platform has selected ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Together, the companies will leverage their shared expertise in building automation to bring greater intelligence to commercial real estate properties worldwide. ioTium and cohesionIB will showcase their joint work at this week’s Realcomm CIO Forum. The event, sponsored by ioTium, will be held at 151 North Franklin in Chicago – a much celebrated commercial real estate property developed by The John Buck Company.

During the event, cohesionIB and ioTium will showcase the benefits of 24/7 secure remote access and a mobile interface to interact with all of the amenities and features of the building. Both companies have a shared understanding of the fact that while there are many “smart” components to modern buildings, most do not fully embrace the promise of the IIoT. While systems have the ability to communicate, they are frequently siloed and unable to connect in a way that will allow each building to respond to or anticipate changes. The result is a mix of systems difficult for the small IT teams, common to commercial properties, to manage.

“cohesionIB makes buildings a better place to be. Whether you’re a tenant, the building operator, or the property owner, we’re creating better experiential and economic outcomes through our cloud-based application,” said Rick Szcodronski, CTO of cohesionIB. “We have partnered with ioTium to bring both speed and security to our building deployments. In a recent roll-out, ioTium’s Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure solutions for IIoT enabled us to add 8,000 users to three different systems in under 20 minutes – something that would have taken us weeks in the past. That speed has been a quantifiable benefit to us without having to sacrifice security. ioTium provides our products a secure path to scalability.”

Whether it’s designing a new building in a highly competitive commercial real estate market or updating a half-century old property for the needs of modern tenants, cohesionIB and ioTium offer a unique joint solution to commercial property owners and operators. System updates can be made within minutes and new access and permissions can be granted in seconds. A unified dashboard allows small IT teams to keep a close eye on each building – or a number of buildings from a distance.

“Our partnership with cohesionIB continues our leadership in IIoT solutions for the building automation market,” said Ron Victor, founder and CEO of ioTium. “ioTium understands the distinct IIoT needs of commercial real estate property owners better than anyone. Our unique Cloud-based Infrastructure solutions for IIoT are driving innovation with easily deployable technology for industrial markets where reliability and security are mission-critical.”

The CIO RealComm Forum will be held October 18, 2018 at 151 North Franklin in Chicago. The invitation-only Forum is open to CIOs and other senior IT professionals in the commercial real estate development and related service industries.