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Drive Innovation in Energy

Digital and industry disruptors are reshaping the energy industry. Companies are under greater pressure than ever before to gain efficiencies, boost productivity, and implement new revenue-producing capabilities.

Many of the world’s largest power and utility companies have turned to ioTium to ensure that any machines and control systems can be instantly, seamlessly, and securely connected to applications residing in any cloud or data center, through any network infrastructure and operator to better align energy production, track consumption, monitor utilities and resources, and predict when maintenance should occur to limit equipment downtime and prevent problems—before a breakdown occurs.

Use Cases

One of the use cases for IoT in the energy industry is to continuously remotely monitor machines and equipment, be it wind turbines, power plants, transformers, and other critical equipment that are scattered across geographies. As a result, utilities and service providers can now keep track of the overall performance and efficiency on a continuous basis, thus simplifying maintenance, and reducing operational costs.

An example:

A Fortune 100 industrial conglomerate monitors power plant performance for global utilities. The Company wanted to develop new services for its customers, enabling them to run their plants more efficiently. To achieve this, the company needed to enable real-time application data streaming in a secure and scalable manner across all of the plants it monitors. The Company is using ioTium to secure real-time remote connectivity to its customers’ plants in South America and Asia. Also, the converged infrastructure provided by ioTium is being leveraged to remotely deploy and run AI/ML applications at the edge. As a result, the Company’s technicians can remotely continuously monitor the power plant performance and enhance operational efficiency. 

A North American utility wanted to remotely connect SCADA systems on their wind farms to analytics applications residing in their data centers. Security was their prime concern. The Company had traditionally leveraged expensive and complex dedicated MPLS circuits wherever available.

Using ioTium’s converged infrastructure, the Company can securely connect these SCADA systems at scale at a significantly lower cost and a substantial reduction in management complexity, all while maintaining comparable security. In addition, the Company did not have to wait for delays associated with operators’ dedicated MPLS circuit availability in various geographies. ioTium’s secure converged infrastructure just requires Internet connectivity at both ends.

Why ioTium?

Plug & Play Solution

Connecting the physical and digital worlds was never easier. ioTium’s OT-Net provides seamless plug and play, scalable network infrastructure-as-a-service to enable secure connectivity to all machines.

Strengthen Security

ioTium’s containerized architecture isolates each data stream, limiting the impact of a compromise within any sub-system from affecting another, while also protecting IT network from security vulnerabilities.

No Vendor Lock-In

Work with any machine, using any protocol can be instantly, seamlessly and securely connected to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator.

Bridging IT/OT

Provide IT governance while enabling the OT department to deploy at scale with no changes to existing Enterprise IT firewall and proxy policies.

Increase in Operational Intelligence

Connect and collate usage information into an analytics application for better insight into inefficiencies and issues, so as to achieve peak optimization.

Faster Time to Market

ioTium’s solution works out of the box and is cloud-managed. It eliminates weeks of bottlenecks in IT system re-configuration design and approval.


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