• A Comprehensive Secure Network Infrastructure Service that Future-Proofs IIoT Deployments

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Zero Touch Provisioning

ioTium’s software-defined network is zero-touch provisioned from the cloud using certificates and keys based authentication, and works with existing enterprise security settings, requiring no on-field technician, no changes to enterprise IT firewall and proxy settings, no CLI and no usernames and passwords.

Device Discovery

ioTium provides complete visibility into all devices connected on the IoT network at any time from the cloud-based Orchestrator. Thus, enabling building an inventory of the network remotely to ensure that only authorized devices gain access to the network.

Secure Perimeter

ioTium’s built-in firewall creates a secure perimeter around the IoT devices. The devices therefore retain their ability to seamlessly communicate over the internet while remaining invisible to port and vulnerability scanners operating on the internet.

Secure Connectivity

ioTium’s iNodes form a book-ended IoT network overlay with cloud-provisioned policy-based connectivity only between whitelisted destinations. Thus enabling secure encrypted tunnels for all data and communications with no scope for data re-routing, eliminating the possibility of DDOS attacks and data theft.

Network and Data Isolation

ioTium’s IoT network isolates IT and OT network and data, preventing IT traffic from touching  OT traffic and thus eliminating the possibility of backdoor threats. Further, ioTium isolates data streams from different sub-systems,  preventing a compromise on one sub-system from affecting any other sub-system.

Edge Compute

ioTium’s virtualized edge platform enables deployment, update and upgrade of edge services across thousands of remote sites in one click from the cloud, making analytics, DPI, machine learning, encryption, compression and more possible closer to the data source.


ioTium’s virtualized edge platform enables a multi-tenanted environment where multiple tenants can run their applications on the same substrate and access the same data in complete isolation from each other, completely managed from the cloud.

Distributed Edge Services

ioTium’s advanced edge application infrastructure enables deployment and management of complex microservices-based distributed applications across thousands of virtualized edge platforms in one-click from the cloud.

Runs on all Intel X86 based servers and gateways that use processors such as Core, Xeon, Pentium and Atom. Certified partners include gateways from Advantech, Dell, Lanner, Cisco and Gigabyte. Minimum requirements for X86 based gateways are
Intel Atom based processor, 512MB RAM, 4 GB HDD/flash/SSD, ethernet/WiFi/Cellular for communication.
Also available on other architectures.


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