IoTium Networking Managed Service Offering Brings One-Click Deployment
to Relevant Solutions’ Building Solutions Customers

Santa Clara, Calif. and Centennial, CO – October 10, 2017 – IoTium, the first secure network infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Relevant Solutions, a preferred provider of critical service solutions, today announced a strategic relationship to bring patented One-Click deployment to Relevant Solutions’ Building Solutions customers. Under the terms of the agreement, IoTium’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) offering will be deployed alongside Relevant Solutions’ building automation and energy management products to enable real estate industries such as commercial, corporate, government, and institutional to securely connect legacy onsite building automation systems to greenfield cloud-based applications.

“IoTium and Relevant have a shared vision for IIoT and the future of smart buildings that can truly realize maximum workplace effectiveness and satisfaction,” said Ron Victor, founder and CEO of IoTium. “IoTium has a proven track record of solving deployment complexities and security for the building automation industry to enable smarter, more sustainable buildings at lower costs. We’re not just enabling organizations to eliminate expensive truck rolls and onsite technicians, we’re allowing for the secure deployment of IIoT solutions.”

Until now, deployment complexity and security concerns have caused a widespread lag in the adoption of IIoT. Traditional Information Technology (IT) methodologies involving command line interfaces (CLIs), usernames and passwords; changes to enterprise proxy and firewall policies; are not conducive to deployment at scale in the realm of the Operations Technology (OT) professionals tasked with the care and maintenance of traditionally closed industrial systems. Industrial IoT requires connecting air-gapped, unconnected, mission-critical control and automation systems to applications that reside in the public, private and hybrid cloud.

“Relevant Solutions, along with our strategic partners, brings centuries of combined experience to building automation and energy management,” said Scott K. Hoffmann, vice president of Building Solutions at Relevant. “We believe that buildings of the future will be designed, engineered and constructed to be exceptionally dependable, environmentally efficient and ergonomically friendly work environments. Attaining this means having building automation control systems that interconnect with every feature within a building. The challenge lies in digitizing legacy systems in a way that is both quickly scalable and secure.”

IoTium’s NaaS offering solves the fundamental industrial connectivity problem of “brownfield” environments embracing the promise of IIoT, helping them to achieve secure, remote connectivity at scale. IoTium’s patented One-Click technology enables organizations to securely deploy and manage a wide range of services for diverse industrial environments with the single click of a mouse. With IoTium, analytics are deployed at the edge of the network, accelerating the adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In addition to One-Click deployment, IoTium also provides:

  • Zero-Touch Secure Connectivity: IoTium eliminates the need for onsite technicians or costly truck-rolls, CLIs, usernames and passwords, or changes to enterprise proxy and firewall policies.
  • Built-in Security: Embedding security in every layer of the IIoT stack, IoTium uses encryption and abstraction to secure both the assets and data, in motion and at rest, isolating every single data stream.
  • Discovery: IoTium provides complete visibility to all devices connected to a company’s IIoT network, enabling organizations to ensure that everything on the network is authorized to be there.
  • Services at Scale: IoTium’s architecture supports the software change management process through multiple levels of authentication at scale.

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About IoTium, Inc.

IoTium is the first secure network infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Headquartered in Silicon Valley and backed by GE Ventures, March Capital, The Fabric and Juniper Networks, IoTium was founded with the understanding that secure connections matter. The company’s patented technology enables a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution to securely connect legacy onsite systems to cloud-based applications, allowing building and industrial automation, oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation, and smart city industries to realize the promise of Industry 4.0. For more information, visit:

About Relevant Solutions’ Building Solutions Group

Relevant Solutions’ Building Solutions group is a major distributor for over 100 brands of Building Automation and Energy Management products. Our combined experience in these fields is measured in centuries. We have offices in five states; California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. For more information, visit:

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