New ioTium OT-Edge Bridges Edge and Cloud Computing by Moving Applications to Data; Allows Mission Critical Data to Reside On-Premise in Industrial and Manufacturing Environments

Santa Clara, Calif. April 4, 2018 – ioTium, the first commercially deployed secure Edge-Cloud infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced the availability of ioTium OT-Edge. With deployments in Fortune 500 organizations, ioTium OT-Edge is the first edge-cloud infrastructure solution built on remotely managed Kubernetes; the popular and widely adopted open source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. The unique offering is designed for brownfield industrial and manufacturing environments to embrace the benefits of Industry 4.0.

ioTium OT-Edge enables mission-critical data to reside on-premise when data must be kept locally to address compliance, security, latency or other practical concerns. With ioTium OT-Edge, applications are moved – not the data. With a single click from ioTium’s cloud-based industrial app store, applications can now be deployed at scale, across the edge. This enables a substantial reduction in OPEX costs associated with costly local management and manual upgrades at the edge.

“Our innovative Network-as-a-Service (OT-Net) solution made its mark on industrial organizations across multiple vertical markets with its ability to simplify all deployment complexity related to securely and rapidly moving data from brownfield industrial assets to the cloud,” said Ron Victor, founder, and CEO of ioTium. “With real industrial deployments in multiple verticals, we’ve gained unique understanding of the problems on the factory floor and have recognized scenarios where data simply can’t be moved without significant cost or risk. This is how our ioTium OT-Edge solution was born.”

Industrial environments are unique in both the type and volume of data generated. In some instances, movement of data to the cloud, while beneficial for industrial operations, would violate international guidelines for data privacy and security. In others, the sheer volume of data and the bandwidth it would consume makes movement too expensive. And in most cases, latency matters. Mission critical industrial environments often need immediate responses at physical asset points that would be slowed by access to the cloud. The idea of moving applications to the data itself has always been appealing to industrial organizations, however, has proven to be too costly and time consuming to implement – until now.

ioTium OT-Edge is designed to quickly and cost-effectively move applications to where industrial data resides. The solution eliminates the need for IT resources onsite, allowing operations to be conducted remotely while software continues to run at the edge next to the machine. Its biggest value is its ability to eliminate deployment complexity and reduce the significant overhead of additional networking and IT staff needed for onsite application deployment and continued maintenance.

“Kubernetes has been widely adopted because it solves the problem of deployment and management of applications but is not remotely manageable on its own across the WAN. We have created the ability to manage application pods remotely for IIoT at scale,” noted ioTium CTO Sri Rajagopal. “With our OT-Edge offering, we’re taking Kubernetes to the shop floor, making it truly applicable to the unique needs of the IIoT and helping organizations to escape the confines of vendor lock-in.”

ioTium OT-Edge is unique because it decouples application development from large-scale deployment. Instead of forcing proprietary Software Development Kits (SDKs), agents and tools, OT-Edge leverages microservices based on Dockerized applications: lightweight, stand-alone, executable packages of software that include everything needed to run from code to settings. Organizations are able to design each service the way they want it without being forced to work within the confines of one vendor’s proprietary SDK.