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Global Industrial Machine Manufacturers Must Build a Digital Transformation Strategy to Stay Competitive Today

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming the manufacturing industry. Machine manufacturers are using IIoT to provide their customers value added services such as better SLAs, reduced downtimes, predictive and preventive maintenance, and overall improved operational efficiencies. ioTium’s cloud-managed converged edge infrastructure, optimized for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications, enables one-click deployment of machine learning models to the edge, at scale.

ioTium also ensures that any machine, using any protocol, can be instantly, seamlessly, and securely connected to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator; while eliminating deployment complexity issues and minimizing network security risks.

Featured Customers

“ioTium gives us the ability to securely manage a growing global installed base of networked devices while ensuring our customers’ information security in a constantly changing environment. This adds to our overall digital productivity platform that minimizes our customers’ unplanned downtime and helps avoid high-cost repairs. Ultimately, ioTium is an important piece of our expanding connected-product offering and allows us to focus on delivering best-in-class, integrated solutions to our customers.”

“Enterprise architecture and innovation leaders, along with smart city stakeholders contending with IoT projects that require federation of highly varied connected asset types, should consider IoTium’s solution. Where relevant, ioTium can help to simplify and secure IoT implementations while at the same time reducing overall ongoing operational requirements.”

Rexnord Selects ioTium to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation Journey

ioTium, Plug and Play Solution for Manufacturing

Learn How Manufacturers Are Leveraging The Industrial IoT

Use Cases

A large industrial machine manufacturer was looking for a secure and scalable solution to deploy machine learning applications to their machines for enabling predictive analytics and preventive maintenance.

Using ioTium’s cloud-managed secure converged infrastructure, offered as a managed service, the customer was able to rapidly deploy and run applications at the edge across all geographic regions; and manage and monitor the apps from the cloud for ongoing serviceability. The containerized apps were deployed securely to run in isolation from each other, and the customer had access to runtime assessment of each app through ioTium’s centralized orchestrator. All this was accomplished with no truck rolls, no on-site IT resources, saving costly local management and manual upgrades at the edge.

A large manufacturer needed to enable remote monitoring of their industrial robots across their portfolio of manufacturing plants. Their existing solution to establish secure remote connectivity to achieve this was labor-intensive, time-consuming, expensive and complex. The deployment complexities included:

  • Truck rolls to each manufacturing facility
  • Acquiring, installing and configuring routers, VPN concentrators and firewalls on-prem at each plant
  • IT overhead for maintaining and managing these routers, firewalls and VPN concentrators
  • Provisioning and managing multiple VPNs from multiple operators
  • Managing usernames, passwords or keys for all these VPNs
  • Requesting IT departments to punch holes to allow remote access
  • Installing on-prem at each site the required protocol converters and additional software agents for each managed subsystem (actuator, transmission system, etc)

Using ioTium’s Converged Infrastructure-as-a-Service, the customer established a simplified unified architecture applicable across their portfolio of manufacturing plants to securely connect all their robots to their data center. The benefits of using ioTium’s seamless plug & play architecture included:

  • No truck rolls
  • No need for onsite IT resources
  • No changes to the plants’ security/firewall posture
  • No CLI (command line interface)
  • No APN/VPN
  • No usernames & passwords
  • No on-prem configuration of protocol software adapters

ioTium abstracted out all the deployment complexities and minimized security risks through its zero-touch provisioned, cloud-managed secure converged infrastructure, resulting in significant savings in network infrastructure OPEX, fast time to market and enhanced security.

Why ioTium?

ioTium solutions enable manufacturers to rapidly accelerate and drive their digital transformation efforts, generating results such as: improve operational efficiency, improve in field service, and increase visibility across their supply chain.  ioTium solutions ensure that machine and control systems can seamlessly and securely be connected to any enterprises while eliminating deployment complexities and minimizing network security risks.

Plug and Play Solution

Connecting the physical and digital worlds was never easier. ioTium’s OT-Net provides seamless plug and play, scalable network infrastructure-as-a-service to enable secure connectivity to all machines.

Strengthen Security

ioTium’s containerized architecture isolates each data stream, limiting the impact of a compromise within any sub-system from affecting another, while also protecting IT network from security vulnerabilities.

No Vendor Lock-In

Ensure any machine, using any protocol can be instantly, seamlessly, and securely connected to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator.

Bridging IT/OT

Provide IT governance while enabling the OT department to deploy at scale with no changes to existing Enterprise IT firewall and proxy policies.

Operational Efficiencies

Connect and collate usage information into an analytics application for better insight into inefficiencies and issues, so as to achieve peak optimization.

Faster Time to Market

ioTium’s solution works out of the box and is cloud-managed. It eliminates weeks of bottlenecks in IT system re-configuration design and approval.


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