SANTA CLARA, Calif. — March 21, 2019 — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has been selected by SPIRE Realty Group, a Dallas-based commercial real estate services company, to enhance the company’s existing building operations by connecting systems and data to the cloud for real-time visibility into building performance and third-party access across their portfolio.

“I’m a one-man IT department, so with all the buildings in our portfolio to manage, maintain and secure — some a five-hour drive from my office — ioTium has enabled significant gains in efficiency and productivity, as well as peace of mind that vulnerabilities have been addressed,” said Jordan Crow, IT director, SPIRE. “Now, I can automatically connect to each building at any time and from the comfort of my own office. There is no other product available in commercial real estate that is as easy to use and secure as ioTium. It gets the job done.”

SPIRE’s vision for more secure, easily managed smart buildings — and a significant reduction in time on the road — was realized through ioTium, which enables 24/7 remote connectivity into SPIRE’s cloud-based building automation systems. Now, Crow logs in through a secure, remote-access portal for maintenance or updates as needed. In addition, ioTium provides Crow with a real-time, unified view of which vendor’s technicians are accessing what sub-systems in which buildings and touching what applications and when, all with a detailed audit trail. This audit trail provides reassurance to both Crow and the SPIRE executive team that SPIRE’s network is secure, while also freeing Crow to focus on business-critical projects that will directly affect SPIRE’s bottom line.

Now that ioTium is deployed and delivering immediate ROI in terms of security and connectivity advantages, Crow is thinking about how he can utilize ioTium in the future. “I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with all the building data we’re collecting through ioTium,” he said. “IIoT solutions are changing the game in building automation, and ioTium is driving that change. I’m excited to find out what else the solution has in store for us.”

“With its unique cloud-managed infrastructure, ioTium’s IIoT solution is at the epicenter of a tectonic shift in the building automation market,” said Ron Victor, founder and CEO, ioTium. “Like SPIRE, we’re leading efforts to drive change in the industry, and that starts with modernizing legacy infrastructures to keep pace with the demands of the 21st century. Our unique cloud-managed infrastructure solutions for IIoT ensure industrial market leaders like SPIRE can operate securely and efficiently at the back end to support their bottom line.”

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