• Webinar:

    24×7 Secure Remote Asset Monitoring and Management for Oil & Gas with IIoT


The Oil and Gas industry has numerous fixed and mission critical assets that need to leverage the benefits of IoT. These include facilities, oil refineries, equipment, assets and more. Multiple sub-systems from these assets manufactured by various entities using all kinds of protocols (IP and non-IP) are going to be connected to applications that reside in public, private and hybrid clouds and data centers to leverage predictive analysis, preventive maintenance and numerous machine learning and Artificial Intelligence applications.

That raises the question of security. If all this infrastructure has to be connected to the internet, first and foremost it has to be connected securely.

During this 30-minute webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Complexities and core network infrastructure issues related to securely transporting data from millions of sensors and assets to applications residing in public/private/Hybrid clouds.
  • Security issues from protecting the asset, to securing the data transport, to isolation of sensor sub-systems.
  • Provisioning and management issues as scale, QoS/WAN optimization, as well as edge services such as pattern recognition, Deep Packet Inspection, edge analytics and more.

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