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ioTium provides a managed secure network infrastructure for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our Network as a Service (NaaS) solution is designed for the building and Industrial automation, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation and smart city industries, enabling them to securely connect legacy onsite systems to cloud-based applications to leverage new analytics, machine learning, and predictive analytics applications at scale to realize the promise of Industry 4.0.

Zero-Touch Secure Connectivity

Eliminate the need for onsite technicians or costly truck-rolls, CLIs, usernames and passwords, or changes to enterprise proxy and firewall policies. With ioTium Orchestrator, you can automatically authenticate, provision and configure your network infrastructure. Policies define what data needs to be sent where and when.

Built-in Security by Design

Embedding security in every layer of the IIoT stack. ioTium leverages TPM modules for hardware root of trust wherever applicable. ioTium’s OS is constantly managed and updated for any security patches. ioTium’s architecture does not require any changes to Enterprise firewall and proxy settings. The built-in firewall creates a secure perimeter that protects the asset on-premise, thus making it invisible on the internet. The solution is based on certificate and keys with a complete PKI infrastructure in the backend, thus eliminating any risks due to usernames/passwords. ioTium’s bookended solution ensures no DDoS attacks possible as well as significantly mitigates the risk of data theft. Data in motion is protected through tunneling, directly between the data source and the data sink. The containerized architecture also isolates each data stream, limiting the impact of a compromise within any sub-system from affecting another, while also protecting the IT network as a whole.

One-Click Deployment of Applications and Services at the Edge

ioTium offers a multi-tenanted architecture where multiple tenants can act upon the same data in realtime, in complete isolation of each other. The virtualized edge platform allows each tenant within the network to deploy any service (analytics applications, DPI, machine learning, encryption, compression and more) with one click across the entire IoT network using the orchestrator in the cloud. Thus, no more command- line interface needed. Any updates and patches to your applications can be provisioned from the cloud and deployed across thousands of remote sites. It also allows each tenant to create any custom logic in any language they prefer and push it from the orchestrator to run on-site whenever they like.

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