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Dhawal Tyagi
Chief Executive Officer

Dorea Elsayed
Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Starek
Head of Operations

Sady Kanthadai
Head of Engineering, India

Dhruva Narasimhan
Chief Architect

Ron Victor

Aled Miles
Executive Chairman

John Chambers

Prabakar Sundarrajan
Technical Advisor

Pankaj Patel
Board Member

Sumant Mandal
Board Member

Klaus Oestermann
Board Member

Rajan Raghavan
Board Member

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Dhawal Tyagi has extensive experience in leading teams for designing high performance, scalable and usable Security, data analytics, and wireless services solutions.

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Dorea Elsayed is a Certified Public Accountant with broad-based financial management, HR and executive administration experience in a variety of industries including biotech, software, entertainment, and e-commerce.

She has 20 year’s experience as a Chief Financial Officer consultant for small and midsize companies. Responsibilities included: assisting in the closing of private placements and asset sales; financial modeling; cash management; Board presentations; oversight of finance and accounting operations; financial reporting; SEC reporting; implementing accounting controls, policies and procedures; implementation of accounting systems; budgeting; asset financing; oversight of audits; implementation of HR policies; onboarding and offboarding of employees, implementation and management of benefit plans, employee dispute resolutions; customer contract review and term negotiation and investor relations.

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Kelly Starek is the current Head of Operations at ioTium. She has a strong background working with start ups in manufacturing operations, engineering services, new product introductions and marketing. She was previously VP of Marketing for Videonics, Inc.

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Sady Kanthadai is an accomplished senior leader with over 20 years' international track record of engineering software products from concept to delivery.

He has a strong technical background with emphasis on Embedded Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), software development platforms and tools.
Kanthadai has over 15 years of management experience, including hands-on technical and project management in a fast-paced environment, building, motivating, and retaining skilled engineering team, mentoring and growing managers and engineers, creating/improving workflow processes.
He also has work experience in US and India; adept in working with global engineering teams, business teams, partners and customers.

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Dhruva Narasimhan is the Chief Architect and Principal Engineer running the ioTium branch in India.

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Ron Victor is a Silicon-Valley based entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and expertise in both Fortune 100 companies and launching new ventures and start-ups. He is the Founder and CEO of IoTium Inc, which provides a secure, cloud-managed, easy-to-deploy Networking as a Service infrastructure for all IoT verticals. IoTium is the first secure network infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), allowing mission-critical environments to safely realize the promise of Industry 4.0. Prior to IoTium, Ron served as VP of Marketing and Business Development of Wireless Industrial Technologies, an Industrial IoT company providing IoT solutions for heavy industry such as aluminum smelters, copper tank houses, and more.

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Miles is the Executive Chairman of leading industrial IoT Company, ioTium.
He was CEO of global telecommunications firm TeleSign Corporation. As CEO, Miles pivoted the business from media (it was used exclusively in the filming of the BBC's landmark series "Planet Earth" & Frozen Planet") to include law enforcement & defense sectors. Miles was the senior vice-president leading the $2bn global Norton Software business unit, the Cloud, SaaS & IoT commercial practice and the Latin America geography.
Today, he serves as a board director of the “National Conservatoire of Wales” under the patronage of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

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John Chambers is an investor in companies around the world that are disrupting major industries. He is passionate about mentoring young CEOs and helping them build, scale, and lead market transitions, offering my experience and insights from lessons learned after years at the helm of being a CEO and Executive Chairman at Cisco.
Chambers is an author of Connecting the Dots: Lessons for Leadership in a Startup World, providing hard-won insights and critical tools to thrive during the accelerating disruption of the digital age.
He is a strong believer that startups will be the core driver of innovation, economic growth, and job creation in the Digital Age. Chambers works to promote new business creation across the globe and the broader development of startup nations and a startup world.

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Mr. Prabakar Sundarrajan is a Co-Founder and Chief Strategist at The Fabric LLC along with the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Juniper. He is also a Venture Advisor at Clearstone Venture Partners. Mr. Sundarrajan Co-founded Ankeena Networks, Inc and served as its Chief Technology and Strategy Officer. He served as a Technology Partner at Advanced Technology Ventures. Previously, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Citrix Systems, driving the technology vision, product strategy, and architecture of the Citrix's Application Networking Group. Along with this, he co-founded Mimosa and served as a founding advisor for the company. Mr. Sundarrajan also served as an Advisor of Clearstone startup and DiVitas Networks. Prior to this, he served as Senior Vice President, Technology of Exodus Communications, where Mr. Sundarrajan was responsible for Application Networking Group technology strategy for managed eBusiness applications. During his tenure at Exodus, he also held the positions of Vice President of Technology, and Vice President of Research and Development. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Sundarrajan now He serves on the Board and/or Technical Advisory Board of ioTium.

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Pankaj Patel serves on the Board of Directors on several startups, including ioTium. He is focused on incubating, investing, and advising startups with their strategy, product development, and go-to-market as well as helping them scale. Patel is also a mentor and sponsor to numerous employees throughout the industry.

He was Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Cisco Systems, Inc. He drove the business and technology strategy across Cisco’s Routing, Switching, Wireless, Security, Mobility, Video, Collaboration, Data Center and Cloud offerings delivered by a global team of over 26,000 engineers. Mr. Patel has 25+ years of experience in the industry and is passionate about translating strategy to execution and delivering the best experience for the customer.

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Sumant Mandal is Managing Director and co-founder of LA-based March Capital Partners, and co-founder of two leading technology incubators in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Hive, which focuses on AI and Blockchain driven companies, and The Fabric, which focuses on cloud, IoT and network infrastructure companies. He currently serves on the boards of numerous market-leading companies, including BillDesk, The Rubicon Project, CarTrade, IoTium, and Xage Security.

Mandal played an integral role in VMWare’s acquisition of cloud networking startup VeloCloud, as well as Cisco’s acquisition of machine-learning startup Perspica, both in late 2017. Other companies that he has incubated and helped lead to a successful exit include The Rubicon Project, Kosei (acquired by Pinterest), Appcito (acquired by A10 Networks), Deep Forest Media (acquired by Rakuten), Kazeon Systems (acquired by EMC), Mimosa Systems (acquired by Iron Mountain), Ankeena Networks (acquired by Juniper), Cetas (acquired by VMware), and Apture (acquired by Google).

Sumant Mandal served as a Managing Director at Clearstone Venture Partners and later co-founded March Capital Partners. He has started several companies in India and the United States.

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Mr. Klaus Oestermann is an investor and an adviser of The Fabric, ioTium, and other various companies. He was President, Chief Operating Officer and Director at Proofpoint Inc and served as a Senior Vice President and General Manager of Delivery Networks at Citrix Systems, Inc. He was responsible for the Citrix's revenue attainment and product marketing, product management, development, and strategic direction. Oestermann served as Citrix Area Vice President of the Western Region of the United States and responsible for revenues generated in the 13 western states, as well as Citrix's business development, marketing, and support organizations there. He also became sales director at the Nordic Region of Europe, Senior Director of worldwide channel strategies and development and Senior Director of enterprise & ISV partners. He served as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at CMA Systems, Denmark. He served at IBM Corp. in a variety of roles. Oestermann has more than 20 years' experience in the IT industry.

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Rajan Raghavan is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Fabric, a pioneer in co-creating companies in the cloud and IoT/Infrastructure space. Prior to The Fabric, Rajan along with Prabakar co-founded Ankeena, which was acquired by Juniper. Rajan has also served as an adviser to numerous startups in the software, semiconductor, and systems space. He now serves as a Board Member to IoTium, Spanugo, Kmesh, OpsCruise.

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